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30mw & 100mw
Green Lasers!


New 100mw FDA Compliant
Green Lasers
Includes lithium Ion rechargeable batter and charger

The laser's adjustable feature allows you to adjust the focus of the laser pointer to get the ideal beam for the distance you are projecting. Just turn the ring on the front of the pointer. At short distances, a few feet or less, you can project a remarkably sharp and bright beam.
This top quality green pointer makes an immediate impact. Presenters using green lasers are immediately perceived as ahead of the pack in both style and technology. Housed in a solid metal case, the Adjustable Green Laser Pointer is a great choice for those who want the very best and latest in laser pointer technology.  FDA Compliant high power green laser pointers come double safety-interlock features required for approval by the FDA.

Adjustable Focus Green Laser Pointer.
Model no.JL-049
Output power:100mw.
Output wavelength:532nm.
Battery :1X"CR123A" with recharge.
Laser Type: Visible laser Diode.
Technical Parameter: adjustable focus, green dot, continuous output and working time over 5000 hours
Working Voltage: DC=4.2V
Trigger Voltage :DC=3.6V
Working Temperature:0-40 C.
Appearance and Color: Black.

100mw Price $129.99
Temporarily out of stock



HIGH Performance and Quality at a VERY Competitive Price!

This lasers are bright enough to see with a full moon!

Detailed Product Description Features

  • Battery: Lithium CR2 for longer battery life!

  • Lithium battery for full output in cold weather.
  • Laser type: visible laser diode constant wave.
  • Wave length: 532nm
  • Output power: An incredible 30mW!
  • Beam distance: over 10,000m!
  • Continuous on switch!
  • Easy to use as a telescope finder with optional finder-bracket

30mw Price $89.99



30mw &  100mw
Green Laser Pens

Our 30mw - 100mw Green Laser Pointers are perfect for stargazers. It emits a super-bright green laser beam that appears to stretch all the way to the stars! It works in light-polluted or moonlit skies where 5mw lasers are not visible. It's great for pointing out stars, planets, and more for others to see. Uses 2-AAA included batteries. Momentary on switch for safety.

100mw Price $119.99


30mw Price $89.99