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Astro-Tech ED Doublet and Triplet Refractors

So good, despite their low price, that you’ll swear these compact ED refractors are apochromatic. Astronomy magazine called the Astro-Tech ED's “a product everyone should own.” 


AT65EDQ 65mm f/6.5 ED quadruplet astrograph

This unique apochromatic 65mm ED quad refractor astrograph has a four lens/two group/two ED element fully-multicoated optical system. It uses an FPL-53 element in its apochromatic triplet objective lens, and has a separate field-flattening ED singlet lens at the rear of the optical tube.

The very sensibly-priced Astro-Tech AT65EDQ astrograph provides an exceptionally flat field for very wide DSLR and CCD deep space images that are sharp edge-to-edge, with no need for a separate field flattener. While designed primarily as an astrograph, it can also be used visually with a 1.25" star diagonal and eyepieces.

The New Astro-Tech AT72ED

A worthy successor – and upgrade – to the AT66ED, an Astro-Tech scope that Astronomy magazine called “a product everyone should own.” The AT72ED is optically so good, despite its low price, that you’ll swear this compact air-spaced ED doublet refractor is an apochromatic . .  Astronomy magazine called this scope’s predecessor, the 66mm Astro-Tech AT66ED, “a product everyone should own." The new Astro-Tech AT72ED upgrades that best-selling predecessor by increasing the aperture to 72mm to give you 9% higher resolution and 19% more light gathering; upgrades the focuser to 2", with a 1.25" adapter; and increases the focuser travel to 80mm to allow imaging with a wider variety of camera types. 

AT111EDT 111mm f/7 ED triplet apochromatic refractor

With an aperture of 111mm (4.37"), this Astro-Tech AT111EDT ED triplet apochromatic refractor gathers over 18% more light than the more common size 102mm (4") refractors. Combine this extra light gathering with the Astro-Tech AT111EDT’s state-of-the-art optical multicoatings, and you have a scope that clearly outperforms similar (but more costly) competitive 102mm and 110mm refractors.


Astronomy Technologies Astro-Tech AT130 130mm f/6 FPL-53 ED triplet apochromatic refractor


The performance of this Astro-Tech 130mm FPL-53 ED (Extra-low Dispersion glass) triplet apochromatic refractor is superb, in keeping with Astro-Tech’s well-deserved reputation for producing optically and mechanically excellent small optics. All of the lenses in the air-spaced triplet optics of the AT130 are fabricated from Ohara glass (Ohara is Japan’s premier manufacturer of specialized optical glass), including the first-quality FPL-53 center element.