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R-C Astrographs
ED Refractors from the 65mm Quadruplet to the 130mm Triplet

Ritchey-Chrétien astrographs from $1395.00

The 94" aperture Hubble Space Telescope uses Ritchey-Chrétien optics to take stunning deep space pictures. So do the 8" and 10" Astro-Tech RC's, but at only a tiny fraction the Hubble's cost . . . Up until now, the coma-free performance of a true Ritchey-Chrétien optical system came only in large apertures that typically started at well over $10,000 – putting true R-C optics out of the reach of most astrophotographers. So Astro-Tech partnered with the best-known optical shop in Taiwan to produce a full line of top-quality true Ritchey-Chrétien astrographs at prices that most astrophotographers can afford. It really is possible to produce a true Ritchey-Chrétien that you don’t have to be a millionaire to own. Astro-Tech has proved it with the imaging scopes below.

Astronomy Technologies Astro-Tech 8" f/4 imaging Newtonian OTA

The serious astrophotographer will find the contrast-enhancing extended nose and 15 internal knife-edge baffles of the Astro-Tech AT8IN imaging Newtonian to be just what the imaging doctor ordered to improve the looks of his or her deep space photos . This 8" Astro-Tech AT8IN optical tube is a very fast focal ratio f/4 reflector that has been optimized for high-contrast wide field deep space imaging. It also works well for spectacular wide field deep space visual observing, as well as high contrast solar system visual observing and imaging. It can be used with 1.25" and 2" eyepieces, 35mm cameras, DSLRs, web-cams, DSI-type cameras, and large format CCD cameras alike.

ED Doublet and Triplet Refractors

The Astro-Tech AT72ED is a worthy successor – and upgrade – to the AT66ED, an Astro-Tech scope that Astronomy magazine called “a product everyone should own.” The AT72ED is optically so good, despite its low price, that you might swear this compact air-spaced ED doublet refractor is an apochromatic.

Astronomy Technologies
Astro-Tech Voyager
altazimuth mount

A review in the July 2008 Sky & Telescope said the Astro-Tech Voyager altazimuth mount had “excellent fit and finish" that made it “a handsome piece of equipment." 
This exceptionally well-made and stable Astro-Tech Voyager altazimuth mount can be the heart of your very portable telescope/mount system. It is perfect for grab-and-go terrestrial observing and casual visual astronomy. The lightweight all-metal Astro-Tech Voyager can hold substantial optical tubes weighing up to 20 pounds (9kg), but there are no heavy counterweights to attach to balance a heavy tube and no alignment on the celestial pole needed to start observing. Simply slide your optical tube into the Vixen-style dovetail on the Voyager mount’s altitude axis and start viewing.