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Every astronomer who uses a computer in the field at night, needs to dim the screen or risk losing their night vision, plus interfering with other astronomers.
RED EYES "Film" Computer Screen Light Shield reduces the amount of non-red light coming from your laptop or CRT display, or even your TV screen while using a webcam.
RED EYES is made of a tough 3 mil thick polycarbonate film that resists tearing and wrinkling, and is easily cut to size with scissors or razor knife. . Unlike other darker red films, and less transparent Rubylith products, this lighter shade of red is the perfect transparency.  Perfect for the astrophotographer, it allows your images to be easily seen. Unlike many other films and gels, RED EYES "Film" will not smear, or transfer color onto your computer when exposed to dew and moisture.
Developed by an astrophotographer, for the astrophotographer.

*Attaches to your computer screen using the supplied rubber bands
*No messy tape required
*Comes in a handy storage tube
*Other uses include flashlight and car headlight shields

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Standard sheet size  9"x15"    $13.95

Large sheet size  11"x16"        $16.95


RED EYES "ACRYLIC" Computer Light Shield

If you need a more rigid screen cover for your computer, RED EYES is available in the acrylic version. We’ve applied our  RED EYES  film to clear, solid, acrylic plastic. Unlike the other darker red, less transparent, sheets of acrylic being sold, RED EYES "ACRYLIC"  has the same great transparency as our original film.

*Comes with a protective carrying pouch

For International order shipping prices please email:

Standard size piece  9"x15"     $17.95


Large size piece  11"x16"         $21.95



Now, the same great RED EYES specially developed for your iPhone, iTouch, iPad, DSLR camera, and all other handheld devices. Stop the interference of the bright light from your cell phone, tablet, or camera at night. Don't lose your night vision.   RED EYES "Cling" is the solution. Made from thin static cling vinyl, will not de-laminate.

Allows touch-screen functionality, even when applied over clear protector screen. The special shade of red lets you see the color of your apps. Easily removed, use over and over. Simply cut to size and attach with the “Clingy" side down.

*Comes with a handy storage envelope
*Custom sizes available.

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Small size:    3"x 4 1/2" for iPhones/cell phones/DSLR's      $5.95


Larger size:   6"x 9" for iPads/tablets                                       $13.95