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Large Dobsonian Telescopes up to one meter in aperture. American built. Able to stand up to extreme Michigan climate. Sizes from 22" to ONE-Meter. Featuring Kennedy Optics.

CATSEYE System Introduction

Great Red Spot is proud to use the CATSEYETM mirror-spotting system in the reflecting telescopes it sells.

2 inch CATSEYE Cheshire in action2 inch CATSEYE Autocollimator in action

Mike Sidonio's CATSEYE Collimation Sequence Pictorial




The CATSEYETM collimation system represents the cutting edge of passive collimation technology for the Newtonian Observer. High-resolution, bright image queues and ease of use are the hallmarks of this uniquely engineered set of collimation tools for fast and easy alignment of scope optics DAY or NIGHT!

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A Dark Sky Preserve in south-central Michigan. 30 Miles south of Jackson Michigan

Lake Erie Metropark-On the shore of Lake Erie south of Detroit.

Spring Mill Pond-An Observing Site for the Ford Amateur Astronomy Club.

Ford Amateur Astronomy Club Observation Site

 Peach Mountain Observatory: Lowbrows: University of Michigan

KENNEDY OPTICS One of the best optician making large commercial mirrors today.

Lockwood Custom OpticsCustom telescope mirrors, up to 60" in aperture, F/2 and up  

STELLARCAT Makers of the ServoCat GOTO system.

WILDCARD INNOVATIONS: Makers of the ArgoNavis digital setting circles.

DENKMEIER:  The best binoviewers on this planet.

STARLIGHT INSTRUMENTSThe best focuser - bar none.  

ASTROSYSTEMS Makers of fine telescope accessories.

FORD AMATEUR ASTRONOMY CLUB "The" Detroit area club.

BOONHILL A "one stop shopping" zone for most of Michigan's astronomy clubs.


ASTROCHANNELS: LIVE streaming video of space.  The equivalent of a 100" telescope.